4 Mistakes that you should avoid when using your Dishwasher!

 1. Overfilling

It is good to use the maximum capacity of your appliance but you should always be careful! Overfilling it may cause dishes to break by bumping each other while the dishwasher is working. In addition, too many dishes stacked next to each other, makes it difficult for the appliance to clean them properly.

2. Removing Food Waste

The new dishwasher are quite good at getting rid of food residue without the need to wash the dishes beforehand. However, too much food residue can cause issues even to the most advanced dishwasher. Always scrap the food residue from your dishes before using your dishwasher. This way you will ensure that your appliance runs smoothly and prolong its life.

3. Items which should not be put in the dishwasher

Be careful what you put in your dishwasher! Avoid washing with your dishwasher any kind of delicate glassware, wood, copper or cast-iron utensils. Wood can split or crack when exposed to high temperature, water and humidity. Copper and cast-iron cookware can be damaged or cause damage to other dishes when washed by your appliance.

4. Correct placement of Cookware & Utensils

It really does matter where dishes are placed in the dishwasher. There are a lot of items that are dishwasher-safe only when placed on the top rack. In order to be fully cleaned dishes need to be placed on the bottom rack. Glasses, bowls, cups and serving utensils need to be put on the top rack. Plates, pots, pans and other cookware need to be placed on the bottom. Many items can break or get damaged if they are placed on the wrong rack.

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