6 Mistakes that can damage your Oven in the course of time!

1. Overloading the Oven
Trying to cook too many things at the same time decreases the oven’s performance instead of saving you time. Not to mention that this increases the risk of creating a house fire. That happens because when the racks are full, they restrict the airflow inside of the appliance.
2. Spraying Knobs with Cleaning solutions
One of the most important habits to break is spraying the controls directly with a household cleaner. Any kind of cleaning liquid could potentially get inside of the oven and could short out the control panel. It is better to spray a rag with cleaner and rub the controls to prevent a shortening.
3. Adding Foil to the bottom of the Oven
You might think this trick makes future oven cleaning easier, but it can actually block airflow and interfere with the heating element, which can cause oven failure or make recalibration necessary. It is much better to just clean your oven regularly (say, weekly wipe-downs with a damp washcloth) to keep the inside spick-and-span.
4. Putting Off Cleaning the Oven
Dirt buildup can prevent the oven’s heat sources from thoroughly warming the oven. This might cause your oven to work harder than it needs to, not to mention lead to undercooked food.
5. Neglecting Rust on the Racks
Not only can exposed rusted coating on oven racks cause damage to your baking dishes, but any rust that chips off can increase the chance of your racks catching fire. If you notice a brown spot somewhere in your oven, just clean it with a nonabrasive scouring pad and a solution of soapy water and vinegar. This approach will help to soften rusty flakes and prolong the life of your oven racks.
6. Not Treating the Door with Care
Sometimes people get carried away when cleaning the door, aggressively scrubbing the glass and compromising its condition.
Between the scratches from scrubbing, the accidental slamming of the oven door when our hands are full, and using the door as a temporary shelf for hot pots before putting them on the kitchen table, these habits can all add up to creating micro-fissures in the glass that can eventually cause it to shatter, even explode. Bottom line: Be gentle with your oven door.
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