Amazing Tips on cleaning your Washing Machine!

Hello everyone, today we are bringing you some awesome tips on cleaning your washing machine! 🍋 Clogged Drain Hose – Use lemon juice and follow it up with some vinegar! After that wash the hose with water and you’re done! 🌊 Limescale – Baking soda + Vinegar = Softened Limescale. Now you can scrub it […]

4 Mistakes that you should avoid when using your Dishwasher!

 1. Overfilling It is good to use the maximum capacity of your appliance but you should always be careful! Overfilling it may cause dishes to break by bumping each other while the dishwasher is working. In addition, too many dishes stacked next to each other, makes it difficult for the appliance to clean them properly. […]

6 Mistakes that can damage your Oven in the course of time!

1. Overloading the Oven Trying to cook too many things at the same time decreases the oven’s performance instead of saving you time. Not to mention that this increases the risk of creating a house fire. That happens because when the racks are full, they restrict the airflow inside of the appliance.   2. Spraying […]

Overfilling Your Washing Machine Could Be Expensive! 

    We all are guilty of overfilling our washing machines for various reasons. Busy schedules, overburdened with laundry, urgent need of the white sheets, we all have our excuses of filling the machine up to the brim. We believe overfilling the machine with as many clothes as possible will get our job done faster. […]

Why Check Your Pockets Before Putting Clothes in the Washing Machine?

  Just when you think you know everything about doing laundry, something else pops. Let me ask, are you supposed to wash your clothes with the zipper up or down? Most people have used washing machines at home, maybe since they were very young, or learned how to do laundry in college from their dorm […]

How to Wash Sneakers in the Washing Machine

    Sneakers are the most popular shoes of today’s era and are considered rather prestigious than other shoes. In the beginning, sneakers were only for athletics activities. But now, they are available in all sizes and shapes for daily use and casual wares. What if your Favorite new brand pair of sneakers get dirty, […]