We offer 1 year warranty on all parts and labor. If a problem arises at this time, we urge customers to contact Fixpertize Ltd immediately so that we can schedule a follow-up meeting to resolve the issue. The warranty will take effect from the date of installation of the part for a period of 1 year for both parts and labor. If a technician is sent to the appliance under warranty and the complaint cannot be duplicated, he will not perform any action other than testing the appliance. In case, we have sent an engineer more than 2 times, under warranty and he cannot detect a fault in the device, the customer may be held liable for a service charge.

We use the data sets we have collected from appliance repairs over the last  years to calculate the average appliance repair costs based on the type and manufacturer of the appliance.

This allows us to provide our customers with a fixed price.

The fixed-price appliance repair fee covers problem indexing, evaluation and labor (if necessary parts, they are charged extra), full testing, professional safety inspection and PAT test. We have divided the pricing into three parts: Diagnostics, Labor and the total cost of diagnostics and labor. Each of the services is paid after the service. The price we quote is the price you pay.

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Yes, engineers have some common parts in their van. There is a case when parts are not needed. However, if insufficient information is provided during the booking process or additional specific parts for the appliance are required, the engineer will order the parts and schedule the meeting for another day. Once the parts arrive, usually takes 1-5 business days, we will contact you to schedule a new meeting at a time convenient for you.

In the event that our engineer cannot determine the cause of the damage to the appliance, we will not charge you. If our engineer finds out what the error is, but it is not economical to repair the appliance, you will still pay a fee.

In most cases we can arrange a meeting with our engineer on the same business day or the next business day after your reservation. The engineer will visit between 8:00 and 18:00, usually after you request a repair, we determine the exact time period of the visit (2 hours time frame).

Yes, our qualified engineers will do their best to repair any appliance they can, as long as the parts are still available.

Yes, but the fixed price repair is only for one fault. Very rarely there is more than one fault. If so, the on-site engineer will assess the cost of repairing the second or third fault. This can be a percentage of the fixed price.

Yes, the engineer will try to pre-order spare parts based on the details you provide for the malfunction when booking the repair, which may result in the appliance being repaired on the first visit. However, if additional parts are required, the engineer will order the parts and rearrange the meeting.

Yes, you can make an appointment in the morning or in the afternoon, but since appointments are booked for an all-day call, we will let you know the exact time at the end of the day.

We accept credit cards, debit cards, bank transfer and cash.

Yes, we have a PAT test service.

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