How to Wash Sneakers in the Washing Machine



Sneakers are the most popular shoes of today’s era and are considered rather prestigious than other shoes. In the beginning, sneakers were only for athletics activities. But now, they are available in all sizes and shapes for daily use and casual wares.

What if your Favorite new brand pair of sneakers get dirty, and you immediately want them to look right just before walking outside the home for an important event. How will you wash them? With hands? No, you are certainly not going to do that. So, what method are you going to choose to clean them again to brand new as they were before?

Although there are specific ways to wash a pair of sneakers, the most convenient way is to wash them in a washing machine. But still, you’ll have to be careful while washing your sneakers in a washing machine. Because there are chances of you damaging the sneakers in case you don’t follow the proper instructions.

So here are the steps that you need to follow to make sure your sneakers come out of the washing machine all clean and fresh to make steps of success along with your feet on the road.


You should remove metatarsal pads and laces, so they may not get damaged by getting entangled around the sneakers during washing.


Use a soft toothbrush to remove any excess outer dirt from the sneakers, both inside and out. However, it’s necessary to use a soft brush because there may be some hard specks of dirt. So, you can easily remove them with a toothbrush.


Take clean clothing, soak it in warm water and then gently remove any temporary stains, If present, from the sneakers.


Add Liquid detergent and cold water into the washing machine. Now you may think, why should you not use powder form. It’s because powder form can get stuck in the sneakers. After it, fold sneakers and laces inside a thin towel bag and place them inside the washing machine (this precautionary measure is being taken to avoid any damage caused in the machine because of the spinning of sneakers).


Run the washing machine on a slow cycle with an extra rinse to remove lingering soap residues, if any.


After washing the sneakers, don’t try to dry them immediately in the sunlight, as it may change the sneakers’ color. And also, avoid drying them by using hair as it can result in shrinking of the sneakers.

Final Words

Whether your sneakers belong to a magnificent expensive brand or just a local market, but they still need care and proper cleaning. It’s because taking care of your sneakers will help them to keep up their look and work longer. By maintaining sneakers’ cleaning, you won’t have to run out for new sneakers every season or every month. Instead, they’ll be ready all the time for use. Like any other piece of clothing, the sneakers also need routine maintenance and cleaning for lasting longer.

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