Why Check Your Pockets Before Putting Clothes in the Washing Machine?


Just when you think you know everything about doing laundry, something else pops. Let me ask, are you supposed to wash your clothes with the zipper up or down? Most people have used washing machines at home, maybe since they were very young, or learned how to do laundry in college from their dorm mates. When doing laundry, there are so many things people do wrong. One of them is not checking and emptying pockets before putting the clothes in the washing machine.

Most of us don’t check our dirty clothes pockets before tossing them in the washing machine, which can be a severe mistake. Almost everyone today is rushing against time and has a busy schedule. Because of this and other things, we are bound to forget some items in our pockets. This screams trouble for the washing machine. If you don’t want to search for a washing machine repair service regularly, you will have to start emptying your pockets before putting your clothes in the washing machine.

Why Emptying your Pockets Before doing Laundry is Important?

Have you ever looked for your car keys until your head almost exploded? How many times have you gone back to the clothes you were wearing to get something you forgot there? This shows how important it is to empty your pockets before putting the clothes in the washing machine. Metal objects such as coins, keys, nail clippers, and others are dangerous when they stay in the washing machine.

These can damage the inner drum or the outer tube of the appliance. This might not happen the first time, but it will happen if this is done too often.

On the other hand, leaving these items in your pockets can cause damage to your clothes. They can also cause leakages in the washing machine and do other damages as well. When the metal or tough objects are spun inside the machine, they can even shatter the machine’s glass for a front loading machine. These objects can also cause blockage in the drainpipe rendering your machine inefficient.

To help avoid significant damages to your appliance, check all of your pants, shirts, and jacket pockets right before throwing them in the laundry basket. If you aren’t sure you checked all the clothes, go through them one by one when throwing them in the washing machine. This is one of the ways you can help protect your washing machine.

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